Back pain is almost inevitable with today’s lifestyle.
Almost 80% of us will suffer with back pain at some time in our lives.

Statistics show that the most common musculoskeletal condition that prevents a person from going to work is spinal related pain.

Most of us do not find the time to think about our health. Furthermore, we neglect back pain until the pain gets very severe. It is a vicious cycle that can lead to other related problems.

What do we do?
The fact is that back pain attended to earlier is easier to manage than chronic back conditions & prevention is far better than cure.

Childs pose

Maintain correct weight, posture and exercise regularly to help to strengthen the spine and prevent pain.
Follow a good eating plan and consult with your chiropractor for your own exercise routine that can help strengthen your back and keep the joints supple.

Exercises that help with back pain are swimming, brisk walking, cycling and sometimes jogging. Yoga and Pilates can help keep the spine flexible and strong. The key is to maintain a regular exercise program that fits into your daily routine. Recent research has shown that exercise at any age helps with a wide range of conditions other than back pain, including heart conditions and diabetes. A good start is getting your core muscles stronger.

Better Posture & Core – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Prevent injuries as well by using correct lifting techniques. Don’t bend your back when lifting objects from the ground, rather bend your knees. Remember to carry heavy objects close to your body and not to twist your spine while lifting and carrying.Cycling family

Chiropractic therapy has been shown to help with back pain. Chiropractors aid in diagnosing, treating and even preventing a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Please consult with a doctor or chiropractor before embarking on an exercise program.

Recovery will be speedy if chiropractic therapy, exercises and correct eating plans are combined.

Rub Out Mechanical Back Pain

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