Exercise and rehabilitation are the cornerstone of a well-rounded approach to the treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions. Spinal joints and other skeletal structures love movement, while treatment of sports injuries is incomplete without rehabilitation.

The internet is littered with Yoga-type stretches, Pilates and core strengthening videos aimed at relieving pain. Some advice out there is quite helpful while most are generic and not tailor-made for individual patients. Each ailment is unique and likewise each individual is unique. The truth is that incorrect advice and incorrect timing can be absolutely detrimental to your health. Therefore, expert advice is needed.

Chiropractic doctors take various factors into account before prescribing a suitable programme. Most importantly, chiropractors have specialised training in the mechanics of the body, structure of the body and functioning of the body. A unique factor to the chiropractic approach is that chiropractors will correct any incorrect bio-mechanics before prescribing any exercise. This gives the patient comfort in knowing that their musculo-skeletal specialist is an expert in both rehabilitation and exercise therapy thus making complete recovery successful.

Remember to always consult your doctor of chiropractic before embarking on any self-prescribed exercises.

Exercise and rehabilitation prescribed by a musculo-skeletal expert

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